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Free PODHD500 patch samples – download

Hysteria, Jazz Lead, Joe Satriani, Mesa Boogie Dirty, Metallica Clean, Smoke on the Water

Free PODHD500X patch samples – download
Jazz Solo,Jimi Hendrix Tone, Mesa Boogie, Slash Live, Sweet Child o’Mine

Free BASS POD XT series Patch Samples – download
Another one bites the dust, Frettless, Jazz, Muse-Erazed, Rock’n’Roll

Free Pocket POD Patch Samples – download
ACDC,Comfortably Numb,Heavy Blues,Marshall JTM-45,Wasting Love Solo

Free POD2.0, POD Pro, Flextone II Patch Samples- download
Heavy Blues,John Petrucci,Nothing Else Matters,Pantera – Cowboys,Purple Haze

Free POD XT patch samples – download
Acoustic Guitar,Beatles,Brian May,Funk Rhythm,Iron Maiden – Trooper

Free POD X3 Series Patch Samples – download
Gibson Les Paul Lead Solo, JCM 800, Paranoid Rhythm, Run to the Hills Solo, Wah Solo

Free Fender Mustang Amp. Series FUSE Preset samples- download
Hendrix, Hotel California Solo, Jazz Rhythm, Megadeth, Smells Like Teen Spirit